Almost two years have passed since the Political Elections of 2013 and still, nothing has changes. The Italians exchange students studying or working abroad still don’t have the right to vote from the Country they are temporarily residing in, forcing them to return to Italy with the consequential waste of time and money.

But maybe with the many efforts being made by Erasmus Student Network Italia, that from the month of September has been collecting the 50,000 signatures necessary for this people’s proposal law in Parliament, they are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. The action being made by the volounteers of the association are unstoppable. on Saturday the 17th of January - for the #GenerazioneSenzaVoto Day – there will be gathering centers in 28 cities where all citizens will be able to express their personal support towards the initiative, with a simple signature. For major cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Bari, to Sassari, Trento, Frosinone, Catanzaro, Matera, Messina, to very active university centers such as Camerino, Padua, Perugia and Udine. A support is coming from Unione degli Universitari and volounteers from UniLab – both students associations.

Bitetto, the president of the association, is very determined “all the Italian Universities

will be out working towards reaching this significant goal. In the meantime maintaining the attention on the Italicum, that is still a work in progress. All the necessary requirements have been met to set up this right to vote which has been a battle for us for the past two years. This people’s proposal has been supported by many members of all political parties. Let the Parliament do its work and honor its name by transforming into law our request which is clear, un ambiguous and rewards all Italian students”

Senators Del Barba, Cociancich and Marcucci presented an amendment regarding the right to vote abroad. “with this electoral law the Italian Politics wants to be a competitor in a more modern Italy: for this reason all young people are essential. We cannot exclude anyone, even more so those abroad, trying to build, with Italy in their hearts, their own future, and that of Europe” said Del Barba

Not even the Chamber of Deputees can remain still. The Intergruppo Parlamentare Giovani is really sensitive about the initiative, which made them decide to become the ambassador of the young European students’ interests inside the larges Chamber.

In the meantime Erasmus Student Network’s volunteers are working tirelessly and on Saturday the 17th of January will be gathering signatures in 30 cities around Italy.

Even students from other European Countries are supporting this initiative, in particular ESN Sections of Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France, inviting Italian students abroad to sign for this initiative. “Some students from other countries thought I was joking when I said that our Erasmus students had to return to Italy to vote” continues Bitetto. Giving their strong support from the start was the Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus + Indire. In the following weeks, to prove that this initiative is not only a proposal of a group of students, but a very strong and shared request, we are sure that in all probability other National Agencies will join us in our fight for our #GenerazioneSenzaVoto campaign.