9-10 January 2015

National Platform - ESN Germany



Cecilia Di Pietro


Matteo Gentilini


What dress should I wear for the presentation?" This was the question I had on my mind on Thursday and Friday. "Well, I know...my outfit is not that connected to human safety or other important world matters, I mean, nobody will probably notice it - it's a conference, not the red carpet!" ...but I also thought, I am still a girl and everything depends on how comfortable girls are with themselves... so, yeah, the right dress could help a lot!


Besides, in Dresden I would present for the first time - in front of a lot of people I didn't know - the "Students4Expo" project and I had already two big problems that would make this weekend not an easy one............

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I've just gotten back from Desden and I'm starting to realize what being an Expo ambassador means. 

This weekend has been tough but amazing. Promoting such a big event isn't just an opportunity for my CV but also a great service to my country, I've always loved my country and I'm now proud to represent it around Europe.

I was also lucky I had 2 great travel companions, Alessandro and Cecilia, who shared with me all the beautiful moments I lived, and a big 'thank you' also goes to ESN Germany, which is composed by very nice people who we figured out to be very interested in the Expo Project..........


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