The time is now. Milano Expo 2015 is at the door and the pavilion of the European Union  intends to offer to all young Europeans the opportunity to actively participate in this historic event by contributing to its activities and creating a unique learning and communication experience.

We are looking for over 900 young persons who have a passion for Europe that they would like to share with visitors to the EU Pavilion in their capacity as volunteers.

Volunteers will be involved in many activities, such as crowd management and easing visitor access to the pavilion as well as the dissemination of information about the contents of the EU's participation in Expo and food-related issues.

People interested must be:

  • aged between 18 and 30;
  • legally resident in a Programme Country of the Erasmus + programme:
    • the 28 member states of the European Union,
    •  Non EU Programme Countries (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey).
  • Have good knowledge of English (level B2). A fair knowledge of Italian language or of other languages ​​will be an asset.

Young people who apply could be also offered the opportunity to collaborate with the pavilions of EU countries in agreement with the respective heads of the pavilions.

After a specific training program conducted by Ciessevi, Centro Servizi per il volontariato – città metropolitana di Milano, the selected volunteers will be active for a period of 13 or 14 consecutive days and for a maximum of 5 hours and 30 minutes per day. During the rest of the day they will be free to visit the Expo site and all its pavilions.

Don’t miss this opportunity, FILL IN THE FORM and come on board, become a volunteer!

The EU Pavilion will be opened every day from 27th April to 31st October 2015, from 10 am to 11 pm. In  your application you should indicate your favourite announcements. You could choose at the most two different announcements, but only if you really desire to volunteer for two different slots. In this instance, the two announcements cannot be in a row.