This in an historical moment for Erasmus Students of yesterday, today and above al for Tomorrow.

The amendment on the electoral law that gives the chance for exchange students to vote from a foreign country was approved by Senate with a landslide majority.

Senators Cociancich, Marucci and Del Barba presented the amendment, and after several changes, the law has been approved by the majority of the legislative assembly. If the law is approved in Montecitorio, 25.000 students will, from now on, express their vote by absentee ballot in a Foreign District.

For many, it is only a small amendment of the Italicum, but at the same time, this amendment is a real turning point for those Italian guys that every year spend a lot of time and money to get their education in another Country.

This goal was expected to be reached by al volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network Italy, the association that has offices in 50 Italian Universities and started last September, the #GenerazioneSenzaVoto project, triggering one of the most popular hashtag in the last few weeks, and gathering signatures to present this people’s law. “Finally our requests have been met” said Carlo Bitetto, the president of the association. ”The Senate has shown that it has not forgotten those that are investing in their own future by going abroad and has give a good response. Now we are waiting for the Chamber of the Deputies to do the same.”

The fight is not over, but we are more sure that before that the Italian Politics has become aware of this Generation that won’t and can’t remain unheard.