The Erasmus Generation wants to choose the future of Europe! And you?

The Erasmus Generation wants to choose the future of Europe! And you?

On May 9th, Europe Day, the video made by Erasmus Student Network Italia is officially launched, in collaboration with the Liaison Office of European Parliament in Italy, to promote the "This time voting" campaign in our Country. 

Erasmus Student Network Italia has joined the campaign This time I’m voting, promoted by the European Parliament to make European citizens aware of the importance of the vote at the European elections of 23-26 May 2019.

For this occasion, a video was, and the Erasmus students are protagonists, who tell what are the reasons why they will vote for the new European Parliament.

Section in the Spotlight - ESN Milano Statale

Congratulations to ESN Milano Statale, winner of the title of Section in the Spotlight for the month of June!


During the Network Exchange Forum, the Section collaborated with RECUP, an association aimed at reducing food waste by selecting the unsold food by the closing time at the local markets in Milan. The objective is to avoid useless food waste and, at the same time, recover and distribute food before it gets thrown away. The result? A new, totally barrier-free environment where worthless things on the economic level gain a social value by helping people in need.


Section in the Spotlight - ESN Lecce

The winning Section of Section in the spotlight, may edition, is ESN Lecce with the event Visioni parallele

The project, in collaboration with the Association Unione Ciechi Lecce, consists of three tasting meetings in the darkness of local drinks, like beer, wine and licors from Salento.

At the first meeting, the participants were divided into groups of 3 or 4. First, they handed their phones and received eye masks, later visual-impaired waiters let them sit in a completely dimly-lit room.

The Erasmus students, together with other participants, were guided by a group of visually-impaired experts through a captivating path of smells and tastes, in the dark they were able to experiment for more than two hours the life of blind people, discovering themselves again and looking out to a new world, trying as well to learn how to interact with it.

Participants asked several questions about accessibility and social inclusion, showing interest towards the topic.

Another positive note for the realization of the event was the financing, completely covered by the Student Council and the suppliers of local products.

The other two meetings are already fully booked with more than 70 participants, including 45 Erasmus students.

This event fits perfectly into the Social Inclusion Days, two weeks during which the Erasmus students realize the difficulties that the disabled people encounter on their daily journey.

Social Inclusion Days & EiS Month: The Collaboration Wants you!

This year we are undergoing a major shift towards the “causes” of ESN and our projects are not lagging behind...they are abandoning the typical distinctions between their various activities, which were sometimes perceived as unchangeable constraints… in a Social Inclusion perspective, the projects have decided to display their best qualities by collaborating, thus allowing the whole network to showcase the best of their creativity!